Saving your Face from Acne

Have you ever had acne? I’m pretty sure you have had a single bump or two. You might even get those nasty lumps from time to time. However, acne is different from zits. Acne is a collective term for several blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and papules combined. Having just one bump is not acne. Having a two to three bumps and a couple of blackheads and whiteheads is acne. If you have acne, there are several things that you have to keep in mind. To help you save your face from acne, here are some tips that you need to understand.

When you have acne, the first thing that you need to understand is that acne is a cycle. It does not stop unless you remove a cog from the turning wheel. So how do you remove a cog? You need to target the factors that triggers the acne attacks. According to some acne product reviews, the most common factor that most acne victims target is the acne causing bacteria. However, that does not usually work. Here’s why:

The acne bacteria is actually a natural resident bacteria. That means that it is normally found on your skin. It doesn’t matter if you have acne or not. They are there. You just can’t see them. This type of bacteria actually helps you prevent other types of opportunistic skin infections. This type of bacteria actually helps you protect your skin from other types of bacteria. That being said, it is impossible to completely eliminate these bacteria and if you deplete the colonies, you will also be prone to other skin conditions. There’s a delicate balance that you need to maintain and at times it can be a bit tricky.

So how do you maintain this balance? The key is to prevent the overgrowth of bacteria. There are several ways to go about this. The first one is to use an antibacterial or a bactericidal ingredient such as tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide. Most people tend to go this route. I on the other hand would prefer to do it conservatively by gently exfoliating the skin. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells freeing up your pores from clogs and trapped oil. When trapped oil is released, sebum is removed thereby preventing the bacteria from converting this sebum to food. Without food, they can’t replicate.

The key is controlling the oil and at the same time by removing the dead skin cells from your pores. Find a product that will do this for you. That’s the key in preventing acne and stopping the acne cycle.